Commercial Transactions

Business Transactions and Issues

We are able to provide a full range of legal services to our Florida business clients. Whether buying a new business, selling an old business, or operating a current business, our lawyers are trained to examine all aspects of every transaction and see to it that all possible issues are addressed.

The acquisition of bankrupt and distressed assets or businesses requires an in depth knowledge of bankruptcy law and securities law compliance. When forming a partnership, or any type of joint venture, it is important to take shareholder relations and directors liability into account.

Any commercial transaction comes with a litany of legal issues and it is imperative that you seek the advice of a trained corporate attorney. We pride ourselves on providing accurate advice for your specific corporate needs.

Contract and Agreement Preparation

We advise clients regarding all types of business and commercial agreements. In addition to providing assistance in the strategic negotiation of commercial contracts, our attorneys review and carefully draft most types of business agreements, including, but not limited to, employment and severance agreements, leases, sale of business transactional documents, private placements, shareholder agreements, employment agreements, stock pledge agreements, security agreements, corporate resolutions, operating agreements and restrictive covenant agreements.

Corporate Formation

Our attorneys have formed corporations for a variety of legal purposes. Whether starting a new business or protecting current assets for your family’s future, corporate formation is something that we recommend all of our clients examine.

The concept of protecting one’s assets through corporate formation is the ideal method used to protect your family’s lifestyle beyond your lifetime. True protection is achieved by structuring one’s assets so that no individual or entity, other than those you have pre-selected, can ever possess those assets.

We realize that for many of our clients, their business is what they live for and we take all of their corporate needs very seriously. Through our attention to detail and experience writing and reviewing contracts, we may be able to save your business tens of thousands of dollars.

For more information, or to make an appointment with one of our corporate attorneys, please contact us at (954) 944-2855.

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