Estate Planning Residents of Greater Ft. Lauderdale

Very Rarely is Estate Planning Solely About the Money

Less than half of all Florida residents have an estate plan in place yet the death rate in Florida has held steady at 100 percent. The reason for this lapse in judgment is most likely due to a focus on the word “estate” rather than the word “planning.” The two biggest misconceptions made by most South Floridians that lack comprehensive estate planning is that they are either too young to worry about it or not wealthy enough to worry about. However, the fact remains that very rarely is estate planning solely about the money.

Shedding The Tax Attorney Paradigm

While our South Florida estate planning attorneys have the expertise in tax planning, as well as the designations of LL.M. and CPA that provide for the highest level of professional service, our firm aims to shed the tax attorney paradigm that estate planners are often pigeon-holed with and focus instead on the dynamic relationships between our clients and their loved ones. Estate planning is about those friends and family left behind, which is why we first ask our clients what their wealth transfer and asset protection goals are and then explain how we can accomplish those goals together.

We Never Tell Our Clients What is Important
We Listen to What They Tell Us is Most Important to Them

Our clients create the goals and we develop the solutions. Whether our clients are seeking advice in estate planning, wealth transfer, tax planning, asset protection or probate and trust administration, timing is always of the essence. Planning of any kind is always most crucial while there is something to lose.

Protect Your Loved Ones

Whether our clients are still at the early part of their earning potential, have young children to worry about or are concerned with reducing the possible estate tax or probate mess left for their loved ones when they die, accomplishing these goals as quickly as possible is crucial. Our mortality is not in question; the only question is whether or not you choose to protect your loved ones and your wealth while you are still alive and able to do so.

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